Everyone’s reasons for outsourcing payroll are different, but most of our customers shared these 7 characteristics before switching to Enterprise to enjoy the time-savings and convenience of online payroll.

1. You are adding multiple employees

Even with just a single employee, they depend on you to provide them with consistent paychecks. As a business owner you are very busy, going from one place to the next trying to grow your business.

2. You feel your payroll is becoming risky, complex, and time-consuming

When you first started your business you didn’t need to be an expert in calculating, paying and filling payroll taxes. But as your company has grown it has become more difficult to keep up with the ever-changing regulations.Enterprise will take the problem of payroll off your mind and free up time to grow your business. We will calculate the taxes, make the deposits, and even file the forms and returns. When you partner with Enterprise we take on 100 percent of the liability for the timelines and accuracy for a deposits and filings, all you need to do is enter the data correctly. With Enterprise, you won’t be among the nearly half of small business owners who receive a tax penalty of at least $845 each year.

3. Your employees want direct deposit

Most employees in today’s market expect to have direct deposit for their paychecks. They are like you, they hate spending the time going to the bank to deposit their checks. Direct deposit allows for your employees to have their money available on payday.Enterprise will make it easy to pay your employees, there will be no more time spent hand writing or printing paychecks and stubs. We will take care of the entire pay process.

4. You have a single system running payroll

What happens if you single computer or system crashes or is stolen? Enterprise will back up all of your payroll on a regular basis and make sure that you information is secure.

5. You are receiving letters from the IRS for “Penalties” caused by payroll errors

IRS and labor laws are very hard to stay on top of and they even change throughout the year. There can be a lot of confusion with small business owners. When you team up with a payroll professional like Enterprise you are saving yourself from costly fines and hours of payroll research. Enterprise will automatically calculate, deduct, file, and pay all payroll taxes according to current regulations. If you are contacted by the IRS, then we will work with them directly to resolve the problem.

6. You’re spending more time calculating payroll wages, taxes and deductions than searching for new ways to grow your business and profits

Like most small business owners you don’t have the budget to have a dedicated person just for payroll. We know that payroll can be time consuming but we also know that you want it to be affordable. With Enterprise you will receive a full service online payroll that takes only a couple minutes per pay period, and can save you thousands of dollars per year.

7. You are running your business from your smartphone

Many small business owners run their company from their smartphones now. The ability to access your email and the web from anywhere makes sure that you are not in front of a computer. Enterprise provides you the ability to access your payroll from you smartphone at anytime.

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