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What happens if you fall?

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What happens if you are hurt on the job?

As a Cell Tower Technician you go through rigorous safety training. However, the unexpected happens and whether it’s your fault or not, in this line of work you are often left with the bill. Who is going to pay for your medical care expenses? How will you make up for lost wages? Enterprise Insurance can guide you on the way to being completely secured.

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What happens when someone else is hurt or their property is damaged?

You are called to fix a broken power line. If, while operating the access platform, a nearby tree branch breaks off and lands on a nearby car, are you responsible? Is it the company you work for? Or, perhaps, the car owner and his Auto Insurance? You may be held responsible for other people’s injuries and property damage. Talk to us and learn how to protect yourself with General Liability insurance coverage.

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What happens when vital equipment gets stolen from the job?

You may not have the funds on hand to replace the equipment. And if such equipment is necessary to complete the job, you can end up in a lose-lose situation. Find out if Tools or Equipment Insurance is right for you.

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Got Business Insurance Questions?
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