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5 Effective Positioning Techniques for the Non-Salesy Entrepreneur

It just happened again. Someone asked you about your business and once again, you didn’t have a compelling answer for them. You quickly tried to remember your “elevator pitch” that you’d practiced for hours in front of the mirror, but it didn’t work. The best you could do was just stammer out a weak description of the product or service your company offers. We’ve all been there. Every entrepreneur has …Read More

The 8 Values Every Company Should Live By

In its simplest definition, values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization, the guiding principles that dictate how people should behave and act. A company’s values help people know the difference between right wrong, and they help companies determine if they are on the right path to fulfilling their business goals. Every business needs to identify and acknowledge their values. At Porch we have them front and center, painted on …Read More

7 Things You Do Every Day That Hurt Your Company

Every business owners works hard daily to help their company. Unfortunately, there are many actions they take that do more harm than good. Here are the top seven and what to do about it: 1. You’re busy, but not productive. Emails, phone calls, and meetings get in the way of accomplishing critical tasks. When these interruptions dominate your day, you become busy, but not productive. Instead, start the day with …Read More

4 Things Businesses Can Learn From Sports

We envy famous athletes and executives. The adjectives to describe Michael Jordancan describe Michael Dell; powerful, competitive and world-class. For us, sports is a recreational activity to alleviate work stress. However, if you apply the lessons learned from playing sports, you’ll learn the board room and the basketball court have lots in common. Take these four premises from sports with you to the office tomorrow. Perfection is a mirage — …Read More

5 Payroll Filings That Will Keep Your Business in Tax Compliance

So you’ve expanded your small business, you’ve hired a few people and are generating an inkling of revenue. You need to put a payroll system in place, whether you have one employee or 50. Amazingly, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that about three-quarters of all U.S. business firms have no payroll. And most of these are small business owners like yourself. How you put your payroll system together encompasses more …Read More

7 Steps to Lowering
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