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Fail Much? 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Succeed

Success is relative and defined by our individual goals and accomplishments. Not by comparing ourselves to others or by what others think success is for us. When you look at people who you believe are successful, what do they do and have in common? When you look at your own successes, what are the things you did to accomplish those successes? Our business success is relative to the goals we set for ourselves. …Read More

Would You Forget Your Head if it Wasn’t Attached?

Have you ever tried to remember a password, but it just slips your mind. Or have you ever forgotten the name of a new acquaintance the next day, despite being able to remember their face? We’ve all been the victims of faulty memory, left grasping for information we know is there to no avail. Why is it that sometimes, when we need it most, we can’t recall something? According to Elizabeth …Read More

Do You Qualify for a Break Under These Small Biz Tax Definitions?

The tax law has a variety of definitions for small businesses that are used for different deductions, credits, and other tax breaks. The term “small” is based on the value of a company’s assets, number of employees, number of owners, gross receipts, or something else. Using different standards to define small business makes it very challenging to know when a company may or may not qualify for a tax break. …Read More

10 Accounting Mistakes That Could Cost You Big

There is money flowing out of your business right now as a result of simple small business accounting mistakes. Below are the top ten and how to fix them: Not Balancing Your Bank Statements All sorts of strange deductions can happen from your cash accounts at your bank. For example, checks and direct transfers can be cleared for the wrong amount. Checks can be cleared in your account that are not …Read More

How to Make Sure You Get Paid Sooner

One of the biggest pet peeves of small business owners is late-paying clients. We’re not running corporations, so cash flow can make or break our businesses. And when a client doesn’t pay on time, we can’t pay our own vendors. It’s a sticky situation, but with a little strategy to light a fire under your clients, you can get paid not only on time but even seven (or more) days …Read More

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