If you’re starting up your own business, chances are that you don’t have the financial assets that many of the larger corporations do. This doesn’t mean that business-toolsyou don’t have access to all the services which are available to the bigger companies. There are many services available to make the running of your business smoother so that you are able to focus your energies on improving your business rather than getting caught up in the basic functions. This article discusses some of the tools you can use to run your small business.

1. Employees

ZipRecruiter is a service that brings you into contact with the most capable candidates for your open position. There are many such websites, but they are often filled with bogus resumes or unserious candidates. ZipRecruiter makes sure that only the best options are available for your business.

Intelius: Once you’ve chosen your candidate, you cannot delve into the personal history of each. This is where Intelius comes in, checking the criminal records and any other relevant information that may affect your business.

Any Perk: This is a perks program that has discount packages for a number of services. It is designed for rewarding employees for their hard work and keeping them motivated to do better.

2. Legal

Trademarkia: In today’s day and age where lawsuits are a permanent risk, it is best to make sure you don’t start out your business with someone else’s logo, tagline, or any other feature. This tool with its database of over six million registered logos and names makes sure that your business’ trademarks are completely unique.

Legal Zoom Business Attorney Plan: Everyone needs a good attorney, but most people can’t afford one. This tool is tailor-made to benefit small businesses and provide attorney services such as review of contract at reduced rates.

3. Advertising

MailChimp: If you’re opting for email marketing, then this tool will make the process much easier with its various features like newsletter templates, customized designs, etc.

HubSpot: Blogs are now the mainstay of your business’ publicity, so this program provides facilities such keyword comparison tool, SEM tactics, SEO blogging hints and tips, etc.

4. Customer Service

GetSatisfaction: This is a forum where you can interact with the consumers and get their feedback.

SurveyMonkey: This site allows you to make free surveys to stay abreast of current trends and what the consumers really want. Just make sure that your survey isn’t too long or it’ll make people quit after a few questions.

5. Managing the Finances

Wave Accounting: This is a simple service that allows you to manage payrolls and business receipts with precision and less complication, plus it’s free.

Freshbooks: This service provides online invoicing and is easy to use for even first-timers. It makes sure that all the expenses and profits are easily recorded so that you can channel your attention to more important things.

These are some tools you can use to make sure that when you start your business, you won’t be tied down to the basic concerns. With these tools, even if you are an absolute novice, you will be able to have the much-needed push in the right direction.

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